Call for Startups Tools Track

The objective of this Startup Tools Track at the ISEC 2018 is to provide a platform for the SME startups to showcase their products and their cutting-edge technology in Software Engineering including methods, processes, tools, and people.

Startups Tools Track is highly interactive venue where Researchers, Practitioners and Startups can interact about the latest technology trends, challenges and exchange information about the possible solutions.

How to Apply?

  • Step 1: Open Application Form
  • Step 2: Fill the complete application form.
  • Step 3: The selection committee will shortlist the applications.
  • Step 4: The final shortlisted startups will be invited to demonstrate their product at ISEC 2018.

Who can apply?

Any SME startup developing Tools/ Products using the Software Engineering technologies listed can apply to the ISEC 2018 and demonstrate the Tool / Product during the conference.

Startups should clearly demonstrate the below to the attendees:
1. The problem Statement
2. Solution offering to Users
3. The technology behind the offered solution
4. Validation results

What’s for startups?

1. Networking and Market opportunities

  • ISEC aims to bring together industrial and research professionals of software engineering, who are eager to share and brainstorm novel ideas and advancements of common interest.
  • Showcase product / tool to Industry Leaders from across the country.
  • Find the Potential Customer or Partners.

2. Funding and Incubation

  • CIE@IIITH, India’s first Deep Tech incubator will invest 5 lakhs seed fund in Early stage Startups and Investor Connects for later stage Startups.
  • All the final shortlisted Startups will get Incubation support from CIE@IIIT-H.

Important dates

Last date for Submitting Application Nov 15, 2017
Nov 25, 2017
Acceptance Notification Dec 1, 2017

List of Technologies

We are inviting Startups developing the products / tools from the below mentioned to apply to showcase at the ISEC 2018.

  • 1. Software Engineering Processes and Methodologies
    • Agile Methods
    • Software Testing
    • Engineering for Quality Requirements
    • Security and Privacy
    • Software Analytics
  • 2. Software Deployment and Operations
    • Green/Sustainable Data-Center Management
    • DevOps
    • Container Based Software Artifacts
    • Fault Isolation and Repair in Large Enterprise
  • 3. Software for the Cloud
    • Security
    • Data Obfuscation
    • Cross Cloud Deployment
    • Performance Engineering for Cloud Apps
  • 4. Other Topics
    • System Verification and Validation
    • Support for Service Metering and Billing
    • Platform Services
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