Accepted Papers


  • Mohammad Shameem and Richa Sinha. SWOT: Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats for Scaling Agile Methodologies in Global Software Development
  • Veena Saini, Paramvir Singh and Ashish Sureka. Control-Flow based Anomaly Detection in the Bug-Fixing Process of Open-Source Projects
  • Arpit Sharma, Siba Mishra and Kushagra Bhatia. Clustering Glossary Terms Extracted from Large-Sized Software Requirements using FastText
  • Sujit Kumar Chakrabarti and Karthika Venkatesan. StaBL: Statecharts with Local Variables
  • Tony Clark, Balbir Barn, Vinay Kulkarni and Souvik Barat. Language Support for Multi Agent Reinforcement Learning
  • Sahithi Tummalapalli, Lov Kumar and Lalita Bhanu Murthy Neti. Prediction of Web Service Anti-patterns Using Aggregate Software Metrics and Machine Learning Techniques
  • Damir Bilic, Daniel Sundmark, Wasif Afzal, Peter Wallin, Adnan Causevic, Christoffer Amlinger and Dani Barkah. Towards a Model-Driven Product Line Engineering Process - An Industrial Case Study
  • Alpana Dubey, Kumar Abhinav, Sakshi Jain, Veenu Arora and Asha Puttaveeranna. HACO: A Framework for Developing Human-AI Teaming
  • Deepti Ameta, Saurabh Tiwari and Paramvir Singh. A Preliminary Study on Case-Based Learning Teaching Pedagogy: Scope in SE Education
  • Pavan Kumar Chittimalli, Chandan Prakash, Ravindra Naik and Abhidip Bhattacharyya. An Approach to Mine SBVR Vocabularies and Rules from Business Documents  


  • Anubhav Trivedi, Jitendra Singh Thakur and Atul Gupta. Code Nano-Pattern Detection using Deep Learning
  • Omkarendra Tiwari and Rushikesh Joshi. Functionality Based Code Smell Detection and Severity classification
  • Sayandeep Mitra, Pavan Kumar Chittimalli and Ansuman Banerjee. Analyzing Business Systems comprised of Rules and Processes using Decision Diagrams
  • Arpitha Badanahatti and Sapna Pillutla. Interleaving Software Craftsmanship Practices in Medical Device Agile Development
  • Saurabh Tiwari. Impact of CBL on Student's Learning and Performance: An Empirical Study
  • Akash Balasaheb Dhasade, Akhila Sri Manasa Venigalla and Sridhar Chimalakonda. Towards Prioritizing Github Issues