Panel Discussion

How would Data Sciences, AI and ML impact the world of Software Engineering?

Moderated by Vasudeva Varma

In the world of data analytics, data sciences, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, the nature of software development and design is expected to change drastically. Software engineering as we know it is changing. We have seen a lot of activity in areas such as "Mining Software Repositories", "Data-driven Software Engineering" that may actually reduce the human engineering aspects of software engineering. This panel shall be debating to understand if these are mere threats or is there any real danger or a possibility of new opportunities.

Panelists (tentative)

Balbir Barn is Professor of Software Engineering at Middlesex University. Following a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Bath, Balbir embarked on an industrial research career of over 15 years working in the various research labs at Marconi, Texas Instruments and Sterling Software where he was involved in the research and design of leading software products such as the IEF.

Sriram Rajamani is Managing Director of Microsoft Research India. His research interests are in designing, building and analyzing computer systems in a principled manner. Over the years he has worked on various topics including Hardware and Software Verification, Type Systems, Language Design, Distributed Systems, Security and Privacy, Cloud Security and Probabilistic Programming.

Srinivas Padmanabhuni (PhD, University of Alberta, Edmonton 2000; M.Tech, IIT Bombay, India, 1993) is the chief Mentor for Tarah technologies, an AI consulting company and is Governance Board member of Totalstart, an entrepreneurship development organization. He specializes in technology research and innovation areas such as software engineering, services computing, business process management, artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning.

J. Ramachandran is the founding CEO of Gramener, and currently advises Gramener on strategy. He is an industry veteran with over 20 years of Technology Services experience and holds a Master’s Degree in Technology from IIT Kanpur. Ram, at IBM Global Services USA, led thought and implementations for Fortune 50 customers in adoption and implementation of technology. He was the CEO of a 200 Million Dollar IT Services Company.