Accepted Papers

Research Track (Full Papers)

(12) A Study of Feature Selection Techniques and Methods to Counter Class Imbalance Problem for Aging Related Bug Prediction. Lov Kumar and Ashish Sureka.

(25) Towards a Domain-Specific Language for the Renarration of Web Pages. Sai Prasad Vrj Gollapudi, Sridhar Chimalakonda and Venkatesh Choppella.

(28) COSMIC Function Points Evaluation for Software Maintenance. Anandi Hira and Barry Boehm.

(34) An Attempt at Explicating the Relationship between Knowledge, Systems and Engineering. Swaminathan Natarajan, Kesav Vithal Nori, Padmalata Nistala, Amar Banerjee, Viswanath Kasturi and Venkatesh Choppella.

(42) Preliminary Causal Discovery Results with Software Effort Estimation Data. Anandi Hira, Barry Boehm, Robert Stoddard and Michael Konrad.

(51) Automatic Generation of Safety Validation Test cases from System Architecture Fault Trees. Gracy Philip, Varsha Suresh and Meenakshi Dsouza.

(57) Coupling and Cohesion Metrics for Object-Oriented Software: A Systematic Mapping Study. Saurabh Tiwari and Santosh Singh Rathore.


(67) Validating Requirements Reviews by Introducing Fault-Type Level Granularity: A Machine Learning Approach. Maninder Singh, Vaibhav Kumar Anu, Gursimran Walia and Anurag Goswami.

Research Track (Short Papers)

(7) A Case Study on the Application of Case-Based Learning in Software Testing. Saurabh Tiwari, Veena Saini, Paramvir Singh and Ashish Sureka.

(19) Towards Dynamic Tenant Management for Microserve based Multi-tenant SaaS Applications. Submit Kalra and Prabhakar Tadinada

(39) Pros and Cons of Rotating Scrum Master Role - A Qualitative Study. Narasimha Bolloju, Rahul Chawla and Rajat Ranjan.

(60) Relation Identification in Business Rules for Domain-specific Documents. Abhidip Bhattacharyya, Pavan Kumar Chittmalli, and Ravindra Naik

Industry Track (Papers)

(2) Applying Formal Methods to Design of Migrator Component of Data Masking Software. Aniket Kulkarni.

(27) State-of-the-art Big Data Security Taxonomies. Dr. Madhan Kumar Srinivasan and Revathy P.

Industry Track (Talk Proposal)

(73) Change Vector Tracking in emergent design. Ranjith Tharayil.

(75) Psychology – The Land That Software Engineering Forgot. Prabhaker Panditi.

(77) Software 4.0: ‘How’ of building ‘Next-Gen’ systems. Abhay Pendse and Haresh Amre.