Software Engineering Research in India - 2020
Online Event, 9 - 11 July, 2020

Accepted Presentations
S.No Speaker Name Institute Presentation Title
1 V Krishna Nandivada IIT Madras Efficient MHP Analysis
2 Ravindra Naik TCS Research Transformations: Here to Stay!
3 Sonu Mehta Microsoft Research Rex: Preventing Bugs and Misconfiguration in Large Services Using Correlated Change Analysis
4 Vikrant Kaulgud Accenture Labs, Accenture Developing Responsible Software - Research Framework and Early Results in Green ML
5 Divyesh Unadkat IIT Bombay Verifying Array Manipulating Programs with Full-Program Induction
6 Venkatesh Choppella IIIT Hyderabad A small language for Tensor Combinators and its type system
7 Atri Mandal IBM Research, India Practical considerations of deploying AI infused Software Application at Scale: A Case Study
8 Pankaj Kumar Kalita IIT Kanpur Interactive debugging of concurrent programs under relaxed memory models.
9 Shouvick Mondal IIT Madras Mahtab: Phase-wise acceleration of regression testing for C
10 Naveen Kulkarni IIIT-Hyderabad Supporting comprehension of unfamiliar programs by modelling cues
11 Chanchal Roy University of Saskatchewan Clone detection in big code: techniques, benchmarks and applications
12 Diptikalyan Saha IBM Research AI Data Synthesis for AI Testing
13 Manas Thakur IIT Mandi Efficiency in Pointer Analysis: The Road Ahead
14 Devika Sondhi IIIT Delhi Mining Similar Methods for Test Generation
15 Sangharatna Godboley NIT Warangal Optimal MC/DC Test Case Generation
16 Meenakshi D'Souza IIIT-Bangalore Static Analysis for Detecting High-Level Races in RTOS Kernels
17 Priyanka Golia IIT Kanpur, NUS Singapore Manthan: A Data-Driven Approach for Boolean Function Synthesis
18 Arpit Sharma IISER Bhopal Automatic Word Embeddings-Based Glossary Term Extraction from Large-Sized Software Requirements
19 Nitin Ramrakhiyani TCS Research, IIIT Hyderabad Extraction of Message Sequence Charts from Software Use-Case Descriptions
20 Prantik Chatterjee IIT Kanpur Distributed Bounded Model Checking
21 Geetam Chawla IISc Bengaluru Verification of Database-driven Applications
22 A Eashaan Rao IIT Tirupati An Exploratory Study Towards Understanding Lambda Expressions in Python
23 Hitesh Sajnani Microsoft Research Monitoring and Optimizing the "Inner Loop" of Software Development
24 Balwinder Sodhi IIT Ropar Quantum computers :: Implications for software engineering practice
Waitlist Presentations
S.No Speaker Name Institute Presentation Title
1 Anshuman Dhuliya IIT Bombay Synergistic Program Analyzer (SPAN)
2 Shivali Agarwal IBM Research India Automatic Microservice Candidate Identification from Monolithic Applications
3 Giriprasad Sridhara IBM Research India Dependency Migration Assistant (DMA)
4 Akhila Sri Manasa Venigalla IIT Tirupati SOTagger - Towards Classifying Stack Overflow Posts through Contextual Tagging
5 Divyanjali IIT Delhi Partial Order based Thread-modular Analysis of Release-Acquire Concurrency