Software Engineering Research in India - 2020
Online Event, 9 - 11 July, 2020

Today's Presentations - 9th JULY 2020

Day 1 - 9th July, 2020 - Session 1
SESSION 1: Program Comprehension (9.00 am to 11.30 am)
Session Chair: Sridhar Chimalakonda, IIT Tirupati

TALK 1: Clone detection in big code: techniques, benchmarks and application - Chanchal Roy, University of Saskatchewan TALK 2: An Exploratory Study towards understanding Lambda expressions in Python - A Eashan Rao, IIT Tirupati

TALK 3: Supporting Comprehension of unfamiliar programs by modelling cues - Naveen Kulkarni, IIIT Hyderabad TALK 4: Extraction of message sequence charts from Software Use-Case descriptions - Nitin Ramrakhiyani, TCS Research

Day 1 - 9th July, 2020 - Session 2
SESSION 2: AI/ML/NLP and SE (11.30 am to 1.40 pm)
Session Chair: Ravindra Naik, TCS Research

TALK 1: Developing Responsible Software - Research Framework and Early Results in Green ML - Vikrant Kaulgud, Vibhu Sharma, Accenture Labs TALK 2: Practical Considerations of deploying AI infused Software application at Scale: A Case Study - Atri Mondal, IBM Research

TALK 3: Data Synthesis for AI Testing - Diptikalyan Saha, IBM Research TALK 4: Automatic Word Embedding based glossary term extraction from large sized Software Requirements - Arpit Sharma, IISER Bhopal