API and Mobile Testing with Katalon Studio



To orient the participants with API and Mobile Testing essentials, determine its test cases and assertions so as to automate such tests, using Katalon Studio.

Target audience

Target audience includes developers, researchers, and all individuals concerned with key risks and benefits of software supply chains (SSCs) especially those who want to study or build tools for SSCs. The tutorial assumes a basic understanding of programming using, for example, shell script.


In the era of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment where testing is inevitable, it is very essential that students as well as teachers in the field of computer science, are well acquainted with test automation tools along with relevant usage of such a tool. Moreover, all modern software applications have APIs as their integral component and further more are on mobile platforms, hence this tutorial facilitate these stakeholders with API and Mobile test automation using Katalon Studio.


The speaker has dealt with subject of Software Testing since last 11 years. The learning curve of the speaker has been steep in initial years of teaching due to lack of full-fledged online tutorials on testing. Most of the test automation tutorials in current times are heavily inclined to tool orientation, features supported, methods available etc. and little emphasis on test case determination. Emphasis on entire software testing life cycle for an application is meagre, this motivated the speaker to share her explorative learning in the form of tutorial. to the students and teachers right from understanding of the application under test to its test case determination, relevant assertions supported by the tool, test automation and analysis using community edition of Katalon Studio.

Tutorial Outline

The tutorial has been structured to cover following topics:

  1. Test Automation Tools
  2. API and Mobile Testing: Overview
  3. Katalon Studio: Highlights
  4. API Test Case determination, assertion and test analysis
  5. Mobile App Test Case determination, assertion and test analysis

Speaker's Profile: Jaishree Tailor

Dr. Jaishree Tailor has her association with Shrimad Rajchandra Institute of Management and Computer Application (Department of Computer Science) as an Assistant Professor. She has 17 years of blended academic and research experience in Management and Computer Science. She has achieved Masters degree in Computer Application from Veer Narmad South Gujarat University Surat in 2004 and her Ph.D. degree in Geoinformatics from Uka Tarsadia University in 2018. Her domain interests ranges from Software Engineering, Software Testing , Project Management, Quality Assurance to Data Science, Machine Learning and Geo-spatial Technologies. She has presented and published more than 14 research papers and have delivered her expertise in workshops demonstrating tools and technologies of currents times.

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