Accepted Startup



Xsemble is a product suite to enable visual assembly of software. Xsemble components are the lego blocks of software which can be assembled non-programmatically to create a software application. These blocks can be chosen from within available repositories, or created using programming.

The Xsemble flow diagram stays current with the actual software for ever, and hence the design is available for all stakeholders to inspect and validate. This unprecedented visibility is of great help not only to the technical team but also to the functional experts, managers, quality engineers and support engineers.

Individual nodes correspond to small components which decompose the software at a molecular level. They are independent of themselves and their environment and hence can be independently developed. The consolidated sum total of the progress of these independent components is a quantitative measure of the progress.




We are developing an event based automated Emergency service call solution for smart city users. In this case event can be accident, crime, traffic and pollution information. With the help of android app, edge computing, IoT, machine learning and Deep learning, we are trying develop an warning system for safety purposes.