Third Workshop on Emerging Software Engineering Education (WESEE 2020)

Title: 3rd Workshop on Emerging Software Engineering Education

Abstract: Software engineering (SE) field is evolving fast to adopt technological innovations and to meet the requirements of modern-day software systems. A well-trained and highly-skilled workforce is required to push this evolution forward hence it becomes the key element for a successful future of software engineering. Inculcating the science and philosophy of software engineering processes in the young and old demands the introduction of out-of-the-box teaching methods at all levels of education dissemination. Software engineering represents one of the most change-prone educational contents in the computer science curricula at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as a plethora of new software development process models, methods, and tools are unleashed each day. The contents of a typical software engineering course must cover various processes, methods, and tools needed to support the development, operation, and maintenance of large-scale software systems. In addition, one of the key focus areas of these courses must be the various interpersonal and communication skills desired for a fully accomplished software engineer.

The third edition of Workshop on Software Engineering Education (WESEE 2020) aims to invoke discussions towards teaching software engineering in the classrooms effectively. The main focus of the workshop will be on identifying various challenges possess by the classroom teaching of software engineering and on finding futuristic solutions for the same through invited talks, paper presentations, experience reports. Additionally, the workshop will be supplemented with rigorous discussions on unleashing various creative methods of teaching and evaluation along with innovative course curricula and learning environments being employed at higher educational levels in academia and industry to teach software engineering and closely related courses. Another major focus of the workshop will be on bridging the software engineering knowledge and skill gap between academia and industry.

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