ISEC 2012

5th India Software Engineering Conference

IIT Kanpur

Feb 22-25, 2012



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Accepted Papers

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26 A Static Technique for Fault Localization Using Character N-Gram Based Information Retrieval Model.
Authors: Sangeeta Lal and Ashish Sureka.
28 Is Process Compliance a Driver for Project Success?
Authors: Ajit Shenvi.
31 The Social Network of Software Engineering Research.
Authors: Subhajit Datta, Nishant Kumar and Santonu Sarkar.
32 Creating Design from Requirement: Bridging the Gap between Requirement and Detailed Design.
Authors: Santonu Sarkar, Vibhu Saujanya Sharma and Rajiv Agarwal.
35 RED: A tool for C Runtime error detection using Abstract Interpretation. (short paper)
Authors: Anirban Roy Choudhury and Anup Bhattacharjee.
36 Agile ERP Systems Development: A Technical Perspective. (short paper)
Authors: Bojan Jovicic, Dragan Djuric, Vladan Devedzic and Ramo Sendelj.
37 Omnispective Analysis and Reasoning: A framework for managing intellectual concerns in scientific workflows. (short paper)
Authors: Srinivas Chemboli and Clive Boughton.
46 Highway: a Domain Specific Language for Enterprise Application Integration. (short paper)
Authors: Vitomir Kovanovic and Dragan Djuric.
50 Tagging Requirements for Web Application.
Authors: Karan Gupta and Anita Goyal.
54 Pack Your Sack for the Cloud. (short paper)
Authors: Ansuman Banerjee, Nilanjan Banerjee and Sasthi C. Ghosh.
56 Unveiling the Unknown: Gauging Stakeholder Perception. (short paper)
Authors: Prasanth RV and Bram Hoefnagel.
57 Easing Software Evolution: Change-Data and Domain-driven Approach. (short paper)
Authors: Hitesh Sajnani, Ravindra Naik and Cristina Lopes.
63 Need of controlled cleanup of Runtime Callable Wrappers in .Net (short paper)
Authors: Ankita Singh.
64 Process Conformance using CSP. (short paper)
Authors: Sidharth Shankar Bihary, Suman Roy and Jagadish Koneti.
74 Improving Estimation Accuracy by Using CBR and a Combined Estimation Approach. (short paper)
Authors: Srinivasa Gopal and Meenakshi Dsouza.
75 Survey of Array out of bound access Checkers for C code. (short paper)
Authors: Bharti Chimdyalwar.
78 Automatic Categorization of Bug Reports By Latent Dirichlet Allocation.
Authors: Kalyanasundaram Somasundaram and Gail C. Murphy.
83 Identifying Hotspots in a Program for Data Parallel Architecture-An Early Experience.
Authors: Santonu Sarkar and Mageri Filali Maltouf.
84 Transition Sequence Exploration of UML Activity Diagram using Evolutionary Algorithm. (short paper)
Authors: Mahesh Shirole, Mounika Kommuri and Rajeev Kumar.
88 Impact of FMEA on improving Software Reliability of an Ultrasound system for emerging market countries. (short paper)
Authors: Devdatt Kawathekar, Easwara Moorthy and Namitha Chandrappa.
93 Identifying Services from Business Applications.
Authors: Raghavan Komondoor, V. Krishna Nandivada, Saurabh Sinha and John Field.
99 A Common Basis for Modelling Service-Oriented and Event-Driven Architectures.
Authors: Tony Clark and Balbir Barn.
100 Software Failure Analysis in Requirement Phase. (short paper)
Authors: Sudhanshu Gupta, Vaibhav Gogate and Atul Gupta.
104 Packet flow analysis in IP networks via abstract interpretation, with applications. (short paper)
Authors: Raghavan Komondoor, K. Vasanta Lakshmi, Deva Seetharam and Sudha Balodia.
109 Towards Adopting ODC in Automation Application Development Projects. (short paper)
Authors: Alpana Dubey.
113 Training of Requirements Analysis Modeling with UML-based Prototype Generation Tool. (short paper)
Authors: Saeko Matsuura and Shinpei Ogata.

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Abstracts Sep 05, 2011
Full Papers Sep 13, 2011
Notification Nov 01, 2011
Camera-ready Nov 28, 2011
Conference Feb 22-25, 2012
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