3rd India Software Engineering Conference
Feb 25-27, 2010



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Accepted Papers

a. Full Research Papers: These will merit 25 minutes of presentation time per paper and 10 pages in the proceedings.

Paper ID Paper Title
109 BUGINNINGS - Identifying the Origins of a Bug
11 Using Strong Conflicts to Detect Quality Issues in Component-based Complex Systems
12 Conflict-Tolerant Specifications in Temporal Logic
22 Connectedness Testing of RESTful Web-Services
45 A Social Network Based Study of Software Team Dynamics
32 Proving Unreachablity using Bounded Model Checking
53 Learning Based Opportunistic Admission Control Algorithm for MapReduce as a Service
36 A Lightweight Approach for Program Analysis and Debugging
96 Modeling Ontologies as Executable Domain Specific Languages
119 Accelerating Technical Design of Business Applications- A Knowledge-Based Approach
123 Distributed Software Development Projects: Work Breakdown approaches to overcome key coordination challenges
137 Studying Software Organizations: In Search of a Method
52 Experience Management for Constructive and Productive Software Engineering Activities
54 Automatic Generation of Abstract Views for Legacy Software Comprehension
106 A Desiderata for Refactoring-based Software Modularity Improvement


b. Experience Reports: These will merit 15 minutes of presentation time per report and 6 pages in the proceedings.

Paper ID Paper Title
19 Experience Report - An Application Synopsis Tool for Database Applications developed using Oracle Application Express
136 Agile in India: Findings from Two Cases
69 Experience Report - Medical Software: A Regulatory Process framework
101 Experience Report - Improvement Mentor Model
14 Experience Report: A Knowledge Repository-Centric Approach to Performance Tuning


c. Short research papers: These were submitted as full papers but the reviewers could not accept it as is and hence were downgraded. These will merit 10 minutes of presentation time and 4 pages in the proceedings.

Paper ID Paper Title
59 A Tool for Interaction Driven Software Development
23 Towards Software Test Data Generation using Discrete Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization
73 A Scheme to Prioritize Classes at the Early Stage for Improving Observable Reliability


d. Posters: These will not be in the main proceedings and will have a separate session after day 1 of the conference where posters can be put up. We will however distribute a hardcopy of 2 pages per poster to all attendees.

Paper ID Paper Title
104 Poster: Localizing Errors in Traces with Interpolants
34 Poster Paper: Similarity Based Metrics for Performing Extract Class Refactoring for the Class Affected by Ripples
92 Experience Report: Handling variability in automotive control algorithms developed using Model Based Design in Simulink
7 A Graph Coloring Approach To Slicing of Object-Oriented Programs
43 A measurement-centric metamodel for object oriented programs
85 Specifying adaptive business process product lines using model based techniques
90 Poster: A Mapping of UBL Process Diagrams to OWL
91 A Vector-Analysis Model for Identifying the Aspectual Requirements
97 POSTER: Development of a Novel Enterprise Scale Software Architecture for Active E-Commerce Applications based on Fusion of Mobile Agent, Web Services, Cloud Computing and BPM Technologies
66 Software Process Composition and its Impact on Process Capability
133 Governing Global Software Development by an Enterprise Software Engineering Model
147 Using Change History of Software to Improve Evolvability


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