India Chapter of SIGSOFT
ACM Special Interest Group


Software Engineering is a very active area for research world wide, and is perhaps one of the most important areas for the Indian IT industry, given its focus on project-based development. It is therefore important that activities like high-end seminars and conferences on SE be conducted regularly to help the professionals and researchers. ISOFT aims to provide this.

To know more about the ISOFT Chapter, download the Bylaws.

Organisation and Members

ISOFT is run by a volunteer committee. The committee consists of Chairman, Treasurer, and another 3-6 members, who are responsible for specific tasks of the chapter (e.g. for publications, conferences, etc.). New members may be co-opted in the committee based on nomination from a current member and approval of the rest. The members elect the chair for 2 years (extensible for another term). Term of each member is 2-years, with no limit on the number of terms. The members must be active researchers or research managers.

The current committee of ISOFT is as follows: 

 ISEC 2016 (Feb 2016)
 APSEC 2015 (Dec 2015)
 ISEC 2015 (Feb 2015)
 ISEC 2014 (Feb 2014)
 ISEC 2013 (Feb 2013)
 ISEC 2012 (Feb 2012)