India Chapter of SIGSOFT
ACM Special Interest Group

Mission Statement

India SOFTware Engineering community (ISOFT) is the Indian Chapter of the SIGSOFT Special Interest Group of ACM. Its main objective is to improve the software engineering research capability in India by organizing seminars, conferences, workshops, lecture series in the area of software engineering so the professionals, students, teachers, and researchers can benefit. Towards this goal, it will also get into partnerships with other such similar groups across the world.


The main activities of ISOFT in the near future will be to conduct research conferences in the area of Software Engineering. It is envisaged that the chapter will have a few yearly conferences in different sub-areas of SE. It may eventually have some publications like newsletters, journals, magazines, websites to help the software engineering community.

Cooperation with SIGSOFT

ISOFT is discussing with ACM SIGSOFT to build a cooperative relationship. Towards this end, SIGSOFT has agreed to help identify best papers from the flagship conferences that it sponsors - FSE (Symposium on Foundations of Software Engineering), ICSE (International Conference on Software Engineering), and others, and jointly sponsor some of these papers to be presented as keynotes/invited papers in CSI's ISEC. It is also considering a proposal to offer ISOFT members affiliate members of SIGSOFT, which, if approved, will give ISOFT members many of the benefits of SIGSOFT membership, except voting.

Upcoming Conferences
The Software Engineering Research in India (SERI) Update Meeting 2024
SERI 2024
(19-20 July 2024, Coimbatore, India)
18th Innovations in Software Engineering Conference
ISEC 2025
(20-22 February 2025, NIT Kurukshetra, India)
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